About Us

CADD Interiors LLC was established in 1996 as a strategic design and execution business, providing an experienced consultancy service in corporate offices, international branded retail outlets, restaurants, bars, hotels, general showrooms and private deluxe villas. 

CADD Interiors LLC policy is to develop and retain a core team working with a close network of specialists as required by the specific projects. 

CADD Interiors LLC also provides innovative and effective solutions for achiev­ing optimum style, comfort and performance based on the best focus of resources.

CADD Interiors LLC is registered as a recognized (supplier/contractor) for vari­ous interior works in Dubai police H.Q., Dubai Civil Aviation, presti­gious Hotels, ADNEC, Dubai International Airports and its Duty-Free Shops. 

From the Concept through Construction to Completion – CADD Interiors LLC can assist your business by providing the interior spirit that suits your image and your budget.

Eyad Kayyem